Monday, August 20, 2007

D.L. Hughley And Mike Epps Interviews

Hi. How are you? I am fine. Thanks so much for asking. Anyway, here is an interview that I did with comedy's D.L. Hughley, the best-smelling person I have ever interviewed in my entire show business career. He was a very nice man too. But honestly, I really can't say enough about how good this guy smelled. Not a day goes by when I don't wonder about how D.L. Hughley manages to smell so good. If one day I end up smelling half as good as this man, I will have really lived.

When you get done watching my interview with comedy's D.L. Hughley, why not keep the excitement coming by watching the interview I did with comedy's Mike Epps below. Mike was in the popular movie "Next Friday" and he is an incredible dresser.

Dave Hill


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