Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Lucky Charms, Scotch, MySpace, and Cheap Trick. That Pretty Much Covers It.

It is Wednesday and I have just woken up from a Lucky Charms-induced coma. As mentioned previously in these pages, I have had great difficulty finding this elusive sugary cereal- an unstoppable mix of frosted something or another with marshmallows- in my neighborhood as of late. A few days ago, however, I ducked into D’Agostinos and there it was on their shelves in three different varieties. Because I am a purist, I went with the original recipe. I also bought a box of granola cereal while I was there, the idea being that I would eat Lucky Charms only once in a while and make the granola cereal the focus of my cereal-eating efforts. Still, I have pretty much eaten nothing but Lucky Charms since I bought them at the store this weekend. It is a pretty incredible cereal. Keep up the good work, Lucky Charms people, if you are reading this. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Another one of my recent purchases for around the apartment has been a bottle of scotch. I am not a big scotch drinker generally speaking, but I do like Laphroaig (the cheaper, 10 year variety to be exact) because it tastes all smoky and also kind of like gasoline if you swish it around just right. I was a little worried about bringing a bottle of the stuff into my apartment because I thought maybe I would take the same approach toward the scotch that I have been taking with the Lucky Charms (which is to say constant ingestion bordering on illness). So far, however, I have done a reasonably good job at resisting the scotch’s call other than a nip here and there. It got the better of me on Monday though with a glass that seemed like a really good idea around 11pm after I’d already frontloaded things with a few beers on the outside, but since I have moved it from my desk to the kitchen area I have been able to stay out of trouble. I should point out that I mention none of this to suggest that I either live or condone the good-times-all-the-time lifestyle. I don’t. I am more in favor the good-times-some-of-the-time lifestyle with careful consideration given to downright misery at least a few minutes each day. The misery makes the scotch and Lucky Charms taste all that much better. I’m not sure what my point is with all this. I am just typing. This is pretty much three bowls of Lucky Charms talking at this point.

In other news, the other day I got a MySpace friend request from this person who seems to have started a campaign to help keep my wildly popular ”King of Miami” program from being cancelled by the network brass. Since I am pretty sure my mother doesn’t use MySpace, I don’t think she is the one behind this page. Whoever they are, however, I am grateful for their efforts. So far there are only like 15 friends on this page though, so I think I might be in some trouble. But hey- ya never know, ya never know. Remember what happened with Who-ville (It’s a long story).

In still other news, the other day my friend Tim sent me this awesome live Cheap Trick video. Cheap Trick is one of the best bands ever and highly underrated. Improve your life by watching this video right now.

Dave Hill


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. I last ate Lucky Charms in about 1989. I don't tend to have a sweet cereal for breakfast but I like to have them for an evening snack and sometimes they end up replacing dinner. Most times one bowl becomes three oh so easily, Mr Hill. So when I decided to commence with the aforementioned lifestyle I went scuttling round every supermarket and cornershop in my town looking for Lucky Charms but I couldn't find any. I searched on the internet and found they don't sell it in Britain anymore, maybe because Lucky Charms fans like me forget to buy them for 17 years.
I also found sweet cereals are being squeezed out in general by healthy eating campaigns, but Nestle is holding firm to its belief that children want cavities. Not content with being evil to African children they try to give the rest of us ADHD and diabetes. In the absence of Lucky Charms, today I have overdosed on Facebook - my friend made me do it. Man, it's kind of fun and all but why? My myspace page is kick-ass but everyone else gave up before even bothering to write a blog or stick any videos up. Sorry, I hope that wrestling schmuck doesn't misunderstand me again.

Oh yeah, how about you folks send some King of Miami and Lucky Charms to Britain and then we'll be really cooking my friend.


7:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when did they change the picture of the leprochaun? that new dude looks down right evil in a chucky sort of way.

3:58 AM  
Blogger Mike NC said...

Dave you truly are a funny guy. I hope you rise up to your full potential and can soon afford Count Chocula. I understand the price is higher than Lucky Charms due to the rise in Cocoa pricing and associated fuel surcharges. Good luck with the Scotch addiction.

12:00 PM  
Blogger Brendan Jordan said...

Hey Dave,

I totally appreciate your recent purchases as well as your thoughtfulness in notifying the blogosphere of them. Is it me or is Laphoaig hitting some sort of popularity stride this year? It's like all of a sudden no one wants to hear about blended scotch whiskey anymore. It's sad because my dad's always been a blended scotch fan. Sure he can't tell the difference between Johnny Walker Blue and whatever that brand is that comes in the plastic bottle with the green half-peeled-off label is called, but there's something to be said for the fact that until I reached the age where I could purchase it on my own, I had no idea scotch was sold in bottles without a built-in handle.

Anyway, on the subject of single malts, a friend of mine gave me a bottle of Lagavulin 16 year old, and it was downright tasty. We'll have to sit down some time and exchange witty banter while enjoying a few fingers of the craythur.

11:27 AM  

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