Tuesday, May 27, 2008

1/4 Canadian

Today, in tribute to my much-rumored 1/4 Canadianness (my grandfather was from Ontario), I would like to share with you a highlight reel from the career of the great Montreal Canadien Maurice "Rocket" Richard, known French Canadian and one of the greatest hockey players ever to lace up skates. The first player ever to score 50 goals in one season (1944-45 NHL Season), Rocket was so great that when the league suspended him for deliberating injuring another player (and a ref while he was at it) in 1955, the people of Montreal rioted and even pelted NHL president Clarence Campbell and his fiancee with eggs and garbage the next time they tried to attend a Canadiens home game. As if all that weren't enough, Rocket played on the same line as someone named Toe (the also legendary Toe Blake, that is). What are the chances? Now that's old time hockey.

Dave Hill


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