Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sun Kil Moon

My friend Jeff hipped me to Sun Kil Moon, which is not so much a band as it is a solo project I guess. The Sun Kil Moon song "Carry Me Ohio" is so pretty and perfect that I can't really even listen to it. Click above to hear what I'm talking about.

Dave Hill


Anonymous Erin said...

That is my favorite Sun Kil Moon song too! By the way, I haven't received my sandwich yet. Can you track the package and let me know when it will arrive?

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Eardley said...

I own a Mark Kozelek record "rock n roll singer" I think it's called, from which I most recommend "you don't got a hold on me" (I think it's called). It's from the olden days but you might not have heard it at the time.

6:35 PM  

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