Sunday, April 27, 2008

Venom Speaks

Since I am really into Satan and also really into heavy metal, I happened to spend a little time watching assorted Venom videos on YouTube this weekend. For the uninitiated, Venom is a band from Newcastle, England who are pretty incredible in at least nine or ten different ways, probably more even. They are credited with inventing black metal and pretty much don't mess around as far as being a really Satanic heavy metal band goes. When I was a kid I remember walking into a record store and picking up a copy of Venom's "Welcome to Hell" album and thinking to myself "Wow, these guys are pretty serious about being into Satan." To be honest, I was actually kind of afraid that something bad might happen to me if I held the album in my hands for too long. They were that awesome. A year or two ago, my friend Kristen and I went to see Venom at Irving Plaza and man that shit was good. Kristen had never been to a Satanic heavy metal concert before and she really seemed to enjoy it. It's always nice to turn a friend onto really Satanic heavy metal when you can. They will thank you for it. Trust me.

Anyway, during my Venom video-watching session this weekend, I stumbled upon the interview (in two parts) below with the band from the mid-'80s, when they were at at the peak of their Satanic heavy metal powers. They also had pretty great hair. What I really admire about these videos is how much you can tell these guys are really committed to what they do. Whether you are really into Satanic heavy metal or not (but let's hope you are), you can really learn something from Venom. The main lesson here is to give it your all in life. Next time you are unsure of what to do in a particular situation, ask yourself "What would Venom do?" The answer, of course, is to kick as much ass as possible. And, hey, if you be seriously into Satan too while you're at it, all the better. There should also probably be a guitar solo at some point.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these Venom interviews. They are really something.

Dave Hill


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