Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dave Recommends

Since I am a person who likes things (e.g. God’s creatures, candy, the early works of Slick Rick, etc.), I thought I would weigh in today with a couple things I have been liking lately. My hope is that you will be moved to investigate them yourself and maybe even end up liking them in a manner not unlike how I like them. Then next time we meet you can totally be all like “Gosh, we really do seem to like the same things, don’t we? It’s a shame we didn’t meet sooner really. I mean, I just can’t leave Danny now, can I? Who will change his bag?” Then I will probably be all like “’s a shame. I guess we’ll always have the Port Authority men’s room though, won’t we?”

Anyway, the first thing I am totally liking today is the new album by Ginger from the popular rock band the Wildhearts, which is called “Market Harbour.” That is a picture of the album cover above. You should go buy it on iTunes or in a record store if you know where to find one. Ginger’s record is full of catchy rock music of the rock variety that is totally Dave-approved. Plus, he has cool hair, which is half the battle. Ginger is playing at Piano’s on Ludlow Street every Thursday in April. Go check him out and maybe I will run into you there and we can have that conversation referenced in paragraph one of this entry.

In other news, my friend Linda and some of her friends have started a granola company called Three Birds Bakery, which is giving a big “Fuck you!” to those corporate granola overlords who have been running the granola game for far too long now. I probably don’t need to tell you this, but most store-bought granola will kill you. More importantly, however, Three Birds granola is seriously good. You can buy it at Brooklyn Flea. Buy some Three Birds Bakery granola as soon as possible and take back the night on those corporate granola fucks over at (insert name of large cereal conglomerate here) once and for all! Also, you will have a nice breakfast, which is great for everybody as you will be happier and easier to deal with as a result.

Hmm, what else? Oh yeah, I was talking with my friend Beowulf a few days ago about the paintings of Robert Williams, founder of Juxtapoz magazine and dude-who-is-pretty-fucking-sweet-in-general. I feel like I haven’t seen Robert’s work around much in the last few years, but dammit I still really like it. It’s graphic, fun, sexy, gross, funny, and just enjoyable to look at in general. Some call it lowbrow art. But isn’t that the best kind really? Sometimes when you stoop really, really low, you find yourself on top in the end. Just ask Jesus. He totally partied with whores and vagabonds and we still talk about him to this day.

Here is something else that is totally popular for a reason:

Dave Hill


Anonymous Chad Strong said...

I went and listened to the Wildhearts and though I was satisfied with their technical proficiency and ability to play together as a band, I found their music to be unoriginal.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Chad Strong said...

I just had a thought. I would probably like the Wildhearts if they went and hired that Korean guy to be their drummer. Alternately, but not nearly as cool, get their drummer to take lessons from said Korean guy. Such a thing would doubtlessly make their music much more interesting to Americans and Koreans alike.

11:40 AM  

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