Friday, April 18, 2008

Dave Hill’s Festival Of Sight And Sound And Other Stuff at Comix Wed. April 30

Attention People of New York City:

This is your man Dave Hill writing to you with some seriously important news. On Wednesday, April 30 at 8pm, I will be taking the stage at Comix, the Meatpacking District's premier house of good time fun, and presenting to you the most exhilarating night of entertainment this town has to offer outside of The Color Purple. I imagine you are assuming at this point that I am referring to my critically-acclaimed one-man chat/variety juggernaut the Dave Hill Explosion. However, you are mistaken. No, this time around I am talking about a little something I like to call Dave Hill's Festival of Sight and Sound and Other Stuff Featuring Dave Hill and Some Other People Too, a/k/a a rare and exciting opportunity to see me and some of New York City's most talented and bangable comedy professionals perform in a room where you can also enjoy slow-baked Atlantic salmon, caramelized banana cake, and a mysterious after-dinner drink known as the Hot Kiss Goodnight among other delicious and reasonably-priced items I challenge you to resist.

Rather than launch into some lengthy description of what the show itself is all about, I instead ask you to simply think for a moment of the Blue Angels, the popular Navy flight demonstration squadron. Formed in 1946, the Blue Angels consist of a rotating team of unstoppable fighter pilots who take time out from the grim realities of battle to perform incredible feats of naval aviation for the amusement of the general public, sometimes just a few feet above throngs of people who may or may not be hallucinating from a toxic mix of cotton candy, cheese fries, and thick-as-molasses jet fumes. Similarly, I ask you to think of my show on April 30 as one brave warrior descending from the sky- not unlike the young Icarus in his bold yet botched flight out of Crete that we still talk about to this day- to delight and amaze the people of this town. Unlike the wily Icarus, however, my descent from air will be intentional and arguably even more incredible (though admittedly the whole thing he and his father did with the wax and the wings was really pretty great and something even I would not attempt unless hammered). And when I show up at Comix I will make almost no mention of King Minos, a man Icarus- by all accounts- would pretty much not shut up about.

Joining me on the eve of April 30 at Comix are some folks with whom I am honored to share the stage- hot young things like John Mulaney, Laura Krafft, Joe Mande, Larry Murphy, and Dan Dratch, all of whom have MySpace pages. Also- due to provisions outlined in a contract I signed under duress- my man Phil will be "in the house" (to use the language of the streetz) that night too.

Given the incredible amount of entertainment that will be coming your way that night (and also because I have personally seen to it that the slow-baked Atlantic salmon will be available throughout the performance), tickets for this show of shows clock in at $15. I know, you’re all like "What?! Last I checked my name is not Donald Trump, the popular real estate magnate and reality show host, thank you very much." But before you go leaving your house to kick me in the nuts, please know that you can get tickets for just $10 (a discount of approximately five dollars) by getting tickets in advance at and entering the incredibly secret discount code HILL430 when prompted by the spirit of the Internet. Ten bucks- that's not so bad, right? Did I mention the mushroom and roasted garlic dip? They have that stuff there too. I really hope you can make it. You can totally get tickets right here. Come- won't you? Won't you?!

Dave Hill


Blogger Chainey said...

Having now read several of your "blogs" and downloaded a few of your "videos" onto my "computer" and "watched" them, I can see that your work, like fine wine, needs to be savoured, then downed glass after glass in rapid succession until one is intoxicated with comic ambrosia and casts aside the fetters of bourgeois morality and starts waving one's privates at random passers-by.

I'm there for you; or rather "here", on the other side of the world, but "there" in the USA in spirit.

I hope when you hit the "big time" you won't forget those who were "there" for you, and I hope you'll be "there" for them too, if, say, they needed the deposit on new Honda Accord with the selective cylinder activation that gives the economy of a four-cylinder with the power (when needed) of a six-cylinder.

2:34 AM  
Blogger Melba said...

if i was over there, i might come. but i'm not. so, sorry about that.

and don't be saying that i've got plenty of time to get there, either. besides, we were just there. last november. can't go again so soon.

but hey, break a leg!

5:04 AM  

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