Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Video Tuesday: Teenage Fanclub, "Ain't That Enough"

Here is a video for "Ain't That Enough" by the seriously underrated Teenage Fanclub, who are really Scottish. It's a really good song for driving around, eating snacks, running errands, banging (just casual banging though, probably not, like, crazy banging or anything), pretty much anything really. I really like how just when you think the band is done introducing new and catchy parts to the song they go and keep doing it again. I'm glad they did. I hope are too.

Dave Hill


Anonymous Eardley said...

My brother buys everything they ever release. When I'm in my Dad's car I take out Mavericks CD and slap on "Songs from Northern Britain", and I'll keep doing it till he likes it.

I have a thing for Raymond McGinley.

(I just went to Wikipedia to check the spelling of his name - Jesus can someone add to his entry? Not me I don't know how to do it so it sticks.)

5:19 PM  

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