Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Dave Hill Explosion w/John Oliver + Doug Gillard + Brett Gelman TOMORROW At The UCB Theatre

Attention People of New York City:

Hello. This is your man Dave Hill writing to remind you one last time that TOMORROW, Thursday, May 22 at 9:30pm, I will once again be delivering the goods big time in the form of my gravity-defying one-man examination of the human condition known to all sorts of people as the Dave Hill Explosion. I realize, of course, some of you may recognize the date May 22 as the very same date that the Greek army of Alexander the Great defeated Darius III of Persia in the Battle of the Granicus in 334 B.C. (a wild scene by all accounts). Or maybe that date brings to mind that one time the Hashshashin totally tried to assassinate Saladin near Aleppo, which is out of town. Or maybe it has got you thinking of the day in 1826 when the HMS Beagle departed Plymouth with that nutjob Charles Darwin aboard. And if you think my show won't be incorporating all of these things as well as an examination of a bunch of other stuff that happened that day in history, well, you are in for, like, a seriously big surprise. The New York Times is already calling the thing where I draw parallels between the Hashshasin and the ‘78 Mets "unparalleled, a must-see for baseball fans and Fatimide Dynasty enthusiasts alike!” Likewise, the Wall Street Journal describes my one-man, 20-minute silent reenactment of the time in 1842 when farmers Lester Howe and Henry Wetsel discovered Howe Caverns after stumbling upon a large gaping hole in the ground as "right on the money!" Anyway, I really hope you can make it, if not for all of that stuff then at least for the part of the show where I celebrate the birthday of Japanese admiral and known poonhound Toyoda Soemu (b. 1885) with a cake-cutting ceremony and brief reading of Soemu fan fiction. And as if all of that is not enough, I will of course be joined on stage tomorrow night by my incredible guests John Oliver (The Daily Show) and Doug Gillard (Guided by Voices). The great Brett Gelman will also be joining me on stage for a very special performance you simply must see to believe (HINT: It's going to be hornet-riffic!). Come- won’t you? You can reserve tickets right here.

Dave Hill


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