Sunday, August 06, 2006

I Am In Scenic Eugene

Today I write to you from scenic Eugene, Oregon, a place I have never been to before and- I am finding- with good reason. Actually, wait, no, I’m being too harsh. It seems like a very nice place but so far I have only seen the areas that are full of fast food restaurants and gas stations, which is to say that it looks like pretty much everywhere else in America when you are staying at a hotel right off the highway and nowhere near what might be called a city or urban-type area.

I am in Eugene taping more stuff for the soon-to-be-wildly-popular cable television program I am totally on. Unfortunately I have been experiencing not so fun gastrointestinal problems for the past 48 hours, which has left me a bit distracted from, well, pretty much everything. A few minutes ago, I made myself puke in the bathroom in an effort to clear/clean the slate as it were. All it seems to have done so far though is give me even more of a stomach ache and make my hotel room smell like puke. In fact, I’m guessing my room smells even more like puke than I actually realize since the smell of your own puke is just one of those things in life that you notice far less than other people. There are supposed to be some people showing up at my door in a few minutes though so I imagine I will find out then the true extent of the puke smell in my room. I will keep you posted.

I had hoped to take all sorts of incredible photos while I was here in scenic Eugene but for all the reasons stated above I haven’t taken that many. The first photo, however, is of a dollar store we- the crew and I- happened upon on our way into a grocery store where I bought some chewable Pepto-Bismol capsules that- as of this writing- have been largely ineffective. Anyway, I like how right below where it says “Dollar Store” it says “Everything’s $1.00” in case the whole Dollar Store thing wasn’t enough to clue you in on exactly what’s going on inside. Okay, well, I know it’s not really that funny or anything, but when you’re in a strange town and running to the bathroom every five minutes you gotta take your fun where you can get it.

Since the show I am taping stuff for isn’t on TV yet and I’m not allowed to spoil everything for millions and millions of people by writing too much about it here, I can’t go into a lot of detail about why I have a picture of the extremely large rubber band ball above. But I will say that I was totally in the guy who made this thing’s garage today and it was really something (as far as rubber band balls go anyway). Needless to say, it’s exactly this sort of thing that has helped to make Oregon #1.

I am supposed to go have dinner shortly, which I can only imagine will be followed by more trips to the bathroom for all sorts of reasons. Full details coming soon because you have a right to know.

Dave Hill


Blogger Culture Bully said...

Could it be that the Australian fame has, rather than going to your head, gone to your stomach? Or was it the "world's famous" all you can eat dollar buffet (where everyone eats for $5.95)?

1:10 AM  

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