Monday, February 26, 2007

UCB Theatre Presents Fistfight Tonight At Comix With An X. I Am Hosting The Fuck Out Of That Shit.

How about this weather? Am I right? Anyway, if you find yourself in Manhattan's exciting Meatpacking District tonight by any chance, I will be hosting the fuck out of something called "Fistfight" at Comix (spelled with an X, located at 14th Street and 9th Avenue) , which is being presented by the UCB Theatre, the place where I do my popular Dave Hill Explosion show. Anyway, there are all sorts of great performers on the "Fistfight" show, including the unstoppable John Mulaney, Cracked Out, Julie & Jackie, and Buffoons. In between all of them, I will come out on stage and say or do something. How about that for a night of entertainment? Anyway, if you like good times, come on by!

Dave Hill


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