Monday, March 05, 2007

Aspen. Am I Right Or Am I Right?

I have just returned from six days and five nights in scenic Aspen, Colorado where I was for the popular U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. It was fun times all around. I got to do my Explosion show twice, one night with Judith Light as the guest and one night with Helen Klanderud, the mayor of Aspen, as the guest. They were both great and I got to hug Judith Light a bunch of times, which was life-altering. I also did the Moth show one day with John Oliver, Marc Maron, Billy Baldwin, and Mike DiStefano. They were all great and now I’ve got Baldwin fever like a motherfucker, dammit.

While in scenic Aspen, I stayed at the Sky Hotel, which was fancy, boutique-y, and covered in wood and stuff. They play techno music in the lobby 24 hours a day so you know they aren’t fucking around as far as serving up good times all the time goes. There was also free coffee in the morning and free wine in the late afternoon. Classy, dammit. The picture above is what it looks like right behind the Sky Hotel. You can ski right down the mountain and then walk right into the Sky Hotel and start drinking free wine and listening to techno. It was awesome. I didn’t ski myself because I was afraid that I would break my leg or something and not be able to do my shows. Ironically, I fucked up my foot/ankle region jumping off the stage during my Saturday night show. Life is crazy.

Another exciting thing about Aspen (besides the fact that Kevin Costner lives there!) was that I got all sorts of free crap all week, so much in fact that I had trouble getting all that shit home. Highlights included this big ass winter coat made by the Nike corporation that keeps you all bundled up and warm like a motherfucker and a bunch of lotions and stuff from the Kiehl’s people. I am lubed up from head to toe as I type this. I also took all the soaps and stuff that they put in my hotel room every morning. Fuck it.

Aside from all of the above, I shot a bunch of stuff for HBO while I was there and I got to see some great performances by John Mulaney, Michael Showalter, John Oliver, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Charlyne Yi, and Eric Andre. I also got to see Stephen Colbert get his “Person Of The Year” award. He is the man x50.

Anyway, now I’m back in New York City. I had fun times in Aspen but it’s nice not to be the only person on the street not wearing ski boots anymore. Hopefully I’ll make it back to Costner Town again some day though. And next time I’ll bring a cowboy hat. It’s going to be great.

Dave Hill


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