Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Valley Lodge Album

As rumored in the Scandinavian press, my hot rock band
Valley Lodge is about halfway done recording our new and second album, which will include ten incredible songs. The picture above is of some of our amps that we were totally going to use on the record but ended up not using after all because we ended up just using some other amps instead so now they are just sitting in the hallway looking cool. We are recording most of the album at Beauty Rock recording studio in scenic Queens. It is a cool studio and there is a good smoothie and juice shop nearby so we are totally drinking healthy drinks all the time while we are recording the hits.

I am recording some additional bits and parts of the record in my apartment while our other guitar player John Kimbrough records a bunch more tracks simultaneously at his home studio in Los Angeles. It is a futuristic process that would have been quite difficult to do back in the last millenium. When we’re all done recording the individual tracks for the album, we will get everything together and then mix the fuck out of it, turning some shit up and turning other shit down in various places until we get it right. I am looking forward to hearing the end product. As far as I can tell, the songs are a little simpler and more rock-oriented than the songs on our obscure first album (which is soon to be re-released in Japan and hopefully followed by a full Valley Lodge invasion of the Asian invasion). There is a lot more shredding on the new album too, which is never a bad thing. Most of the songs appear to be about chicks though upon further examination they are actually about the human condition and also banging.

I am mostly excited to put our new album on in my apartment and listen to it while I clean the bathroom or something. What happens beyond that is anyone’s guess. Maybe we can get a song used in a deodorant commercial or something. I tend to think the record will be good to listen to while driving though (and also banging, though I personally don’t tend to put it on for that as I have trouble listening to my own voice while not wearing pants).

As for titles for the new album, the jury is out on that one too, though right now “II” seems to be the frontrunner in my brain. I would also like to put a naked chick on the cover, sort of like Roxy Music and the Ohio Players used to do. You really can’t go wrong with that sort of thing (unless of course you want to show the album to your mother, in which case you should probably not have the naked chick on the cover).

Anyway, I will keep you posted on all of this and then maybe you can go clean your bathroom or go driving or bang someone while listening to our new album too. Talk about good times. We have pretty much nailed it with this one.

Dave Hill


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