Friday, June 06, 2008

The Past Few Days Or So In Review

It’s been an action-packed week bordering on just plain electric. On Monday night, I hosted “Tell Your Friends” over there at Lolita Bar on Broome Street in the heart of the anything-goes Lower East Side. It was a fun and crowded show featuring a weirdly attractive audience. Todd Barry, Todd Levin, Jon Daly, Michele Carlo, and, of course, Liam McEneaney (It’s his show) also performed. That is a picture of Todd Barry I took on my phone during his set. I pretty much nailed it. At the end of the show, Liam, Jessica, and Shana (the fantastic show people) surprised me with a birthday cake (my birthday was gonna kick in at midnight). I totally didn’t see that shit coming. What nice people! And the cake was delightful.

Tuesday was my actual birthday. I can’t believe I’m almost 30! Gross. Anyway, like most birthdays, I pretended I didn’t want to do anything for it until the last minute and then I totally ended up doing something. Some friends and I met up at Lederhosen, the popular German-type place over there on Grove Street. It was fun and I drank too much (you know, birthday and all) and ate the fuck out of some German food. Afterwards a few of us headed over to Marshall Stacks on Allen Street where my friend Patrick holds his Tuesday night music session (people hand off an acoustic guitar to each other and play songs and whatnot. Don't worry, no one wears sandals though). I drank too much there too and even ended up playing a few songs against my better judgment. I focused on the hits. Pitchfork is going to do a huge writeup about it later today.

Wednesday was spent mostly in tears (you know, hangover. Older but not wiser- am I right or am I right?), but that night I went to see my friend Lucy Wainwright Roche play her hits at the Living Room. It’s nice to see her in a small room. Someday she will play stadiums and I probably won’t hear a note because I’ll be backstage the whole time digging into the cold cut tray and stuff. Then she’ll come offstage and I’ll be all like “That was really great! Have you tried the pastrami?” It will be just like that. I’ll probably have some cool outfit on too.

Last night I went out to Southpaw in Brooklyn for the South Toward Home benefit, which featured Andrew Donnelly, Michael Showalter, Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler, Toddy Barry, and Eugene Mirman doing comedy and Neko Case and my friend Lucy (mentioned earlier) playing some hits together. It was a really fun show and everyone hit it out of the park. Afterwards a bunch of us went over to Union Hall and I drank a couple beers before I remembered I am never going to drink ever, ever again.

In other news, above is a picture I took of a little Mexican (I think) picture box that is in the window of a little card and knick-knack shop near my house. As you can probably see, inside the picture box is a bunch of people making picture boxes. My head practically exploded once I figured out what was actually going on.

Finally, here is a video by my friend, the great Mike Albo, doing his Underminer character. Mike is from the future. I hope you enjoy this video so much.

Dave Hill


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