Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two Children Of The Unicorn Shows You Should Totally Come To

Hi there. If you like rocking rock music of the rock variety, I am totally suggesting you come see me rock balls with Children of the Unicorn this Friday, June 20 at Fontana's over there at 105 Eldridge Street. We rock it at 11:30pm, but come early and see the Tall Pines too, dammit. Then on Wednesday, June 25 you should totally come see us rock balls at the Mercury Lounge over there at 217 East Houston Street when we open up for Moby's new band Little Death. We go on at 8:30pm, a completely reasonable and rock-capable time of the evening. Shit's gonna be crazy, heat will be brought, hanging and banging, the whole deal. You should totally come, like, for real.

Dave Hill


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