Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Beach Babes

If there is one thing I have seriously been getting into lately, it is beach babes.

For the uninitiated, beach babes are not unlike regular babes except for the fact that they are at the beach. Also, beach babes wear beach attire, like a sexy, sexy bikini for example, which is awesome. It is this last bit of information that separates beach babes from ordinary babes, so if you or someone you know is seriously considering becoming a beach babe, it is at this point that you should pay close attention to pretty much everything I have to say (starting now):

Beach attire is the crucial ingredient in the making of a beach babe. Without beach attire, a beach babe is merely a babe at the beach, which is still really great in its own way yet ultimately not the same thing as far as I and a lot of other people with a penchant for beach babes are concerned.

I should probably mention at this point that if you are a babe who is even thinking about going to the beach, you might want to really think about going that extra distance and wearing a sexy, sexy bikini or attractive one-piece swimsuit of some sort (though the sexy, sexy bikini is preferred) so you can be a full-on beach babe, which in my expert opinion is the best kind of babe a babe can be. I mean, you are already at the beach, right? Why not beach babe it up?

In a perfect world, beach babes would be everywhere, but unfortunately for me and everyone else who loves beach babes just as much as I do, beach babes need the beach as much as the beach needs them. That is the plight of the beach babe. When a beach babe leaves the beach, she suddenly becomes just a babe in a sexy, sexy bikini and then next thing you know she is serving Jell-O shots on wing night somewhere or working at a car wash that most people can't get enough of as much as they might be unwilling to admit it to themselves or their loved ones and/or coworkers. Making matters worse, when a beach babe leaves the beach, she is sometimes confused with a babe who is just strolling around in public in her underwear for some reason (even though she is not), which is often frowned upon and sometimes even legislated against in modern society. And a beach babe wearing a one-piece bathing suit who is not at the beach has got it even worse. She just looks lost or confused. Personally, I hate the idea of a beach babe ever feeling lost or confused. That is because I love beach babes.

Dave Hill


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As a former Beach Babe, I especially loved this.

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