Monday, December 08, 2008

Philly Invasion, Vegetarian Whorehouses, And Knitting Factory Tonight

It’s Monday and I am still comig down from two days of Exploding in scenic Philadelphia at the Shubin Theatre. The shows were really fun (Thanks to any and all folks who attended!). My guests on Friday were Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Karen Heller, former Bigger Lovers frontman Bret Tobias, and a chihuahua named Zoe. My guests on Saturday were author and filmmaker Bob Levis and musical guest Gemini Wolf (no chihuahua on Saturday). It was fun times all around and all the guests were great. Friday’s show was nice and crowded and Saturday’s was a bit sparsely attended, due in part to the inclement weather and also my general lack of popularity in Philadelphia I’m guessing.

The Explosions aside, other highlights of my trip to Philadelphia included hanging out with my nephew Luke, who is a baby who does baby stuff mostly; seeing a giant mural of Philadelphia hero Dr. J (above, pictured in non-basketball attire), an impressive mural any way you slice it, Dr. J-related or otherwise; eating the fuck out of some dim sum in Chinatown; and picking up a movie called “Don’t Deliver Us From Evil” from an interesting store called Juanita and Juan’s that you should seriously consider stopping into should you find yourself in Philly and in need of an incredible book or movie or if you would just like to see a taxidermied hyena up close and personal (That’s what first got me in the door. “Juanita and Juan’s- come for the stuffed hyena, stay for the French Satanic film from the ‘70’s that you hope might contain nudity!”).

Speaking of the great Juanita and Juan’s store, the guy at the store was telling us how the vegetarian restaurant down the street had recently been converted into a whorehouse (a conversion of this sort, I’m guessing, pretty much entails just stopping serving vegetarian food and starting to serve up whores, but I could be wrong- I have yet to run a vegetarian restaurant or a whorehouse. Someday.), much to the surprise of local vegetarians in search of a good meal at a price that won’t break the bank. Because I am the sort of guy who enjoys chance encounters with whorehouse operators (whores not so much though- I’m classy, real classy), I decided to knock on the door of the former vegetarian restaurant-turned-whorehouse to see how a whorehouse operator might answer the door. In my case, however, they simply didn’t. Next time, next time. I can feel it.

In other news, if you are looking for something to do tonight, come to this fun show I am doing at the Knitting Factory tonight with David Cross, Fred Armisen, Eugene Mirman, Leona Naess, God’s Pottery, Jessi Klein, Nick Diamonds, John Roberts, and many other showbiz greats. You like fun, right? This is an example of that.

Dave Hill


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