Friday, December 12, 2008

Three-Legged Dogs: What The F?

Three-legged dogs- seriously, what the F? Before I moved to New York City, I don’t think I had ever seen a three-legged dog before. Here, though, I see them pretty much everywhere. In fact, based on my own experiences of looking at dogs in New York City, I would estimate that roughly one out of every three in this town is totally missing a leg. To their credit, the three-legged dogs don’t seem to mind so much. Personally, I would probably never shut up about it if I were missing a leg. “Wait up! Wait up! I am missing a leg!,” I would totally be saying all the time to all the people I would be trying to keep up with. The question is though, where did the dog legs go? I want some answers.

Dave Hill


Blogger AudioPro said...

You obviously have never driven from the City to Hoboken.

There must be 20 dozen dog legged roads along the way.

Not only does it cause most of the traffic snafu's into and out of the city, but its awfully disgusting having to drive upon them as well.

Karl Cremslinier

10:20 PM  

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