Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend In Review

Mondays. Do not even get me started on this topic. Things are pretty crazy here at the office. I have twelve new interns starting today and they are all sitting on my bed watching me type this right now. Well, not really, but in an alternate universe the Dave Hill Enterprises winter intern program is in full swing. One can dream. And one does dream, like, a lot.

I had a pretty not-so-crazy weekend this past weekend, rarely straying more than a few hundred yards from my apartment at any given time (give or take a couple undercover missions I dare not speak of). On Friday, I ate some Spanish food at Sevilla, the popular Spanish restaurant down the street from my house. I like Spanish food and I particularly like Spanish restaurants in New York as most of the ones I go to (e.g. Sevilla, El Faro, El Quijote) somehow manage to remain fairly stopped in time in a really great way. While the rest of Manhattan slowly devolves into a wasteland of CVS stores, glass condos, and banks, the local Spanish restaurants make me feel like it’s 1988 or something. And as long as I’m on the topic- here’s to matching maroon blazers.

Last night, I headed to Highline Ballroom to see Dengue Fever and Marshall Crenshaw. I can’t decide whether I like or kinda, sorta hate the Highline Ballroom. Last night, they had tables and chairs all over the floor so people could sit and eat mini-hamburgers and stuff during the show. Don’t get me wrong- I love mini-hamburgers as much as the next guy, but- not unlike boning and swimming- I tend to think that rock-n-roll and snack foods don’t go together. I guess the Highline has to pay the bills somehow.

As for the music last night, Dengue Fever were great. They play ‘60s-style Cambodian pop music (or so I’m told- I don’t know that I’ve ever actually heard the real thing, so I don’t have much to compare it to). They are fun to watch and hear. And the lead singer is a scorcher. Maybe one day we will get married and she can take a break from things to go rock out with the band for a few numbers. I am not yet sure whether I will be having the chicken or the beef.

Marshall Crenshaw and his band were up next. He was well-dressed and great, one of the greatest songwriters of all-time in my expert opinion. I wouldn’t have minded if he broke out a few more of the hits though. I like hits. Come, Marshall, play the hits! But I like the new stuff too. Also, he shreds on guitar. I think my hair got singed at one point. More please.

In other news, thanks to my friends Mike and Jeff, I have been making some subtle yet groundbreaking changes to my website of late. I hope you enjoy them so much. It’s some pretty futuristic shit.

Okay, off the gym. What- do you think I just wake up like this?

Dave Hill


Anonymous Pleated Jeans said...

I'm not a big fan of mini-hamburgers no matter where they're served. Come to think of it, virtually everything miniaturized is like doing stiff leg deadlifts to rip your thighs – a nice diversion but ultimately not as satisfying (stick to those squats!). Examples:

Mini Oreos
Mini Marshmallows
Miniature poodles
Minnie Mouse

The one exception, of course, is the mini skirt, which is far superior to any and all other skirt designs (yes, even tweed).

6:39 PM  

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