Saturday, September 24, 2005

Living In Taradise (And Totally Loving It!)

Today I watched the popular show “Taradise,” starring Hollywood’s own Tara Reid, for the very first time. As shows about a seemingly drunk girl with big fake boobs and a voice that sounds like she smokes nine cartons of cigarettes a day going around partying at various exciting and fun locations across the globe go, it is pretty incredible. However, if you’re going to have someone from the hit movie trilogy that is “American Pie” hosting a show about the magic of partying, Natasha Lyonne is the obvious choice if you ask me. Then again, she doesn’t have the awesome fake boobs and liposuction and stuff (that I know of) that Tara brings to the equation, so sorry, Natasha, I guess we’ll just have to find something else for you. Don’t wander too far from the phone.

Anyway, as hinted at in paragraph one of this entry, the popular show “Taradise” pretty much consists of Tara Reid running around partying and stuff for the entire show and I am certainly not complaining. On this particular episode she was in Croatia, which- as Tara explained to us, the viewers- is pretty much the hottest new party spot on the planet (Fuck you, Ibiza!). The natives seemed pretty excited to have her partying in their homeland too (Get used to it, Croatia! Remember- you are the new party hotspot! Visits from the likes of Tara Reid are just the beginning!). And as I watched Tara partying with her friends, her brother who was visiting from scenic Los Angeles and totally doesn’t have fake boobs, and the natives of the exciting new #1 party hotspot that is Croatia, I couldn’t help but think to myself “Wow! This seems like total paradise!” And then I totally caught myself and was all like “Ha, ha- of course it is, dummy! In fact, not only is it paradise, it is Taradise! Otherwise it would totally not be on the show!” And then I kept on watching the great show, which is something I plan to do pretty much from now on whenever they play it on the popular E! Channel. Nice work, everybody involved with this program! It is so great.

Dave Hill


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