Monday, April 02, 2007

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Mondays- am I right? It is so gray outside. I am listening to old Van Halen records to try and turn things around and so far it's not working that much. But I think things should kick in shortly, probably after the guitar solo. I can feel it, dammit.

Anyway, above is a photo of my rock band Valley Lodge rocking out at Mercury Lounge this past Thursday (Thanks to Joel for the photograph). As you can see from the photo, we are now a power trio as our man John Kimbrough has moved to Los Angeles. Phil, the bearded bass player, thinks he has man-boobs in this photo but I disagree. They look like awesome pecs to me. I was hoping I would be shredding in this photograph but it looks like I’m just playing a chord or something. Trust me though- I can shred like a motherfucker, though- to be fair- I think I have man-boobs sometimes too. I guess we all have those days.

In other news, on Friday I bought a jar of McClure’s Pickles, made by my friend Bob and his pickle-making family. I think I have mentioned them here before but they are so good it is worth mentioning them again. I never really consired myself a “pickle guy” until recently, having discovered McClure’s Pickles, Wheelhouse Pickles, and Bruno’s Peppers (which are not pickles but a pickle product so I am counting them anyway). Now I’m all eating pickles like a motherfucker. Shit is cluttering up my fridge and everything. If you ask me, pickles are the new indie rock. Watch out for them. Do not resist them. Let them get all up in your shit. They will change you.

Dave Hill


Blogger Todd said...

Don't underestimate the potential man boobs have. They can be a strong erogenous zone if you allow them to be.

10:58 AM  
Blogger spooge said...

sweet guitar...

12:06 PM  

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