Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This Moment In Dio

As is often the case in life when I have a moment to myself, late last night I spent some time watching old videos of Ronnie James Dio and Ronnie James Dio-related bands on the popular YouTube website. In my opinion, a day without Ronnie is a day wasted. Last night, I stumbled upon the above video of Ronnie with Rainbow, guitarist Ritchie Blackmore’s band after he left Deep Purple for the first time. Here they are in 1977 playing “Man On The Silver Mountain,” one of the sweetest rock songs of all time in my opinion (and I am always right on such matters). Ronnie James Dio is currently rocking people with Heaven and Hell, which is the Black Sabbath lineup from when he replaced Ozzy. I am sure they are rocking people’s balls off so much that it’s not even fucking funny. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this incredible moment in rock as much as I did.

Dave Hill


Blogger dalirahma said...

Dave, this is awesome. In fact, if my wife and I have "a song", it is 'Man On The Silver Mountain'.

10:21 PM  
Blogger anne altman said...

oh, ozzy. i'd bang him parkinson's and all. he shakes sexy.

9:59 PM  
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