Saturday, April 07, 2007

At The Rock Show

Last night, the sweet rock band that I shred in, Children of the Unicorn, played a rock show at Crash Mansion here in New York City. It was our third show and fun times all around. The photo above was taken by the inimitable Anya Garrett and is my favorite from the batch she took last night (you can can see more here if the mood strikes). This is a photo of the brains behind the operation, Phil Costello, during one of the last songs of the night when he invited Dr. Chops onstage to shred for a little bit while he wore his glasses. I think Phil should think about getting some glasses like that for real. They make him look kind of crazy, but in a nice way.

Here is a photo of me doing some rocking out of my own. I’m not sure what song I am playing in this photo, but you can bet your ass I was bringing the heat like a motherfucker. Or maybe I was just tuning. Really it’s hard to say. If you look closely, however, you might be able to tell that I ate a large serving of sizzling beef and white rice at the Chinese place next door right before the show.

Dave Hill


Blogger Mike said...

Dave, is that guitar you're playing a model endorsed by Paul Stanley of the popular rock band "KISS"? If so, then methinks you should DEFINITELY get that Schenker Brothers Flying V you so desperately want for the next COTU show.
Rock on with the Night Shark!
mike d

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