Friday, April 06, 2007

Oh, Look- More Pictures Of Me. Also, The Schenker Brothers Flying V...Finally!

It is Friday and I am experiencing coma-like symptoms so I figured it would be a really great time to just post pictures of myself here on the Internet. If you like staring at me half as much as I like too, then you have just hit a street called Easy. Anyway, the above photo is of me and Hollywood's Zane Lamprey in the El Mirage desert in California where we were shooting promos for our respective television programs on the futuristic Mojo network, which is in mindblowing high-definition so you can see my pores and stuff. Zane's show is called "Three Sheets" and features him traveling the world and drinking stuff. That is a pretty good job as far as jobs go. My show, of course, is the "The King of Miami" and it comes onto the television on May 7. Brace yourself. Dammit.

Speaking of me, last night I performed at Livia Scott's new show at the PIT along with Baron Vaughn, Shayna Ferm, and Sean Crespo. That is totally a picture of me standing there and saying something really interesting in the photo above. Thanks to Anya Garrett for perpetuating my narcissistic tendencies by sending me this photograph.

Finally, something that has little or nothing to do with me- Dean Guitars is making a guitar available that pays homage to the German guitar playing brothers Michael and Rudolf Schenker from the Michael Schenker Group and the Scorpions respectively. I would like to meet the person who buys the guitar for they are a truly special person for reasons I can't even get into right now.

Dave Hill


Anonymous anya. said...

You're great!

6:34 PM  
Blogger Mickey said...

I had a white dean once, reverse firebird. I liked it, but it was cheap, like me

7:14 PM  

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