Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wednesdays. Do Not Even Get Me Started On This Topic.

Hump Day- am I right? That is a reference to the day that it is today, Wednesday. I imagine if I had a job where I had to not be in bed right now as i type this (actually, I am at a coffee shop, which is just as gay, even gayer even), the prospect of Hump Day would be of great concern to me. But since I am a self-made hundredaire, I laugh at such things, heartily in fact. And then I put some pants on and stare blankly out the window for a while.

Anyway, I’m not really sure what all that bullshit in the first paragraph was about. I’m projecting maybe. Whatever that means. More importantly, however, above is a photo I took on my cellular telephone yesterday of two dogs totally just hanging out in the window of a hair salon that I have contemplated going in many times solely because they have these two cool dogs hanging out inside. “Come for the dogs, stay for the layers that will take a couple weeks to get used to!” That is just one of the many clever slogans that I have come up with for the hair salon in question in my spare time. I know, I know, How do I do it? Anyway, these dogs seemed like tons of fun. I imagine the owners say stuff like “That’s (insert name of sleeping bulldog here)- he just likes to lie around a lot. Yes, he's a shleepy, shleepy dog! Aren't ya, (insert name of sleeping bulldog here). And that’s (insert name of French Bulldog that is looking around vigilantly here)- he’s our watchdog! He’s a tough little guy! Watch out! No, I’m just kidding- he won’t hurt you.” And then they will start asking you about what you want to do with your hair. Maybe you’ll pick up a book or magazine and point to a picture of someone with really great hair and you’ll say “That! Make me look like that!” And then the hair-cutting person will say “Ha! I am not a miracle worker! No, just kidding- you are a much better looking man than Lorenzo Lamas.” The next thing you know you are out 100 bucks and your friends are all like “Wow- you are really going for it. Good for you! Good. For. You. I think it is so great that you’re still at it.”

Dave Hill


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