Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Parking Tickets! Am I Right?

I have just finished paying a bunch of parking tickets I got on my recent trip to scenic Los Angeles. I got four total over the course of the week that cost me a combined total of almost $200 and all could have been avoided if I had just managed to carry a few quarters with me everywhere. Since I am retarded and usually late for appointments and stuff, I instead just parked my car, kept my fingers crossed, and ran into wherever I had to go. Usually it didn’t work out. This isn’t a very good story, but hopefully we all learned a lesson, dammit.

Speaking of bad news, that is pretty crazy and sad news about the shootings at Virginia Tech. Hurray for guns! I hope this doesn’t give them a bad rep. Normally guns do so many good things for us, it’s so weird when something negative happens with them. Okay, that is my biting and sarcastic social commentary for today. Maybe I will be asked to go on CNN or something. I better do some laundry.

Dave Hill


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