Sunday, April 22, 2007

Explosive Explosion

It is Sunday and I have been eating an exceptional amount of meat products all weekend, starting on Friday with two hamburgers and then raging into Saturday with a steak and- later- some chicken wings. I had a pastrami sandwich today and am thinking of hitting the streets to try and eat some more meat products before the weekend is officially over. Why? Because I don’t fuck around.

In other news, the Dave Hill Explosion this past Thursday was maybe my most explosive Explosion yet. As rumored on the Internet, my guests were Dick Cavett and Rufus Wainwright. Dick came out first and moonwalked and generally blew minds for a while. Then Rufus came out and played two songs from his new album, “Sans Souci” (not sure if I’m spelling that right) and “Going To A Town,” both of which were amazing. Then he came over and joined me and Dick behind my desk to finish off an evening that I will never forget. That is the three of us sitting there in the photo above in case you hadn’t already put that together on your own. There is a nice writeup and photos of the show over at the reputable Brooklyn Vegan website (I can't talk about the show too much because I lived it, dammit).

Another exciting thing that happened on Thursday is that I was also joined by Little Shakira a/k/a Little Michael Jackson a/k/a Little Alex a/k/a the incredible person in the photo above. If you are ever looking to “take things to the next level,” this is a good place to start. He’s with me though, so don’t even think about it or I’ll cut you.

Dave Hill


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