Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Blog Has Moved (For Real This Time)

It's true. My blog has officially moved here, complete with fancy RSS feed button and everything. I know I said that before and then backpedaled a bit, but this time it's for real- my blog is moving here. And look- I know things have been really crazy between us lately and I have said and done a lot of things that we both regret, but I am really hoping you'll come on over to my new blog address with me. It will be the same retarded blog (only with more profanity), just at a new address- this one. Plus, everything that has ever been posted here, will be archived over there. I know, I can't believe it either. Anyway, if you by chance read my blog regularly and maybe even bookmark it or have it hooked up to one of those fancy RSS feed things, I kindly ask that you change your bookmarks to this address, the new one and do that RSS feed thing over there. It's going to be really great. Trust me. I love you, like, a lot. So for real, starting now, go here, which is to say, the new address of my incredible blog that's on the Internet. The future is now!

Dave Hill

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Raspberries On The Mike Douglas Show

Here is a pretty great video of the Raspberries performing their hit "Go All the Way" on the Mike Douglas Show back in the '70s (I couldn't find an embeddable version for some reason, so you gotta click on the link). Lead singer Eric Carmen's hair pretty much deserved its own TV show if you ask me. Other guests on the show that episode were Joe Namath and Billie Jean King. They just don't do it like that anymore. Oh, if only I had a time machine.

Dave Hill

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rejected + Conscience Point + Other Stuff

Guess who is totally in a new book that is coming out next week? Me! Yeah! Anyway, comedian/writer/magic man Jon Friedman has turned his popular Rejection Show into a book and I am totally in it along with a bunch of other comedians and writers sharing works and stories of being rejected at some point or another in their career. The book includes a story I wrote for a British magazine about my night on the beat the Cleveland police vice unit during which I tried to buy crack (for real!) and picked up a transvestite prostitute (also for real!). You can buy the book right here or probably in a store or something too.

Also, there is a live show/book release party next week at the Bell House here in New York featuring such fine folks as David Rees, Mike Albo, David Wain, Todd Levin, Odd Todd, Sara Schaefer, Tom McCaffrey, Katina Corrao, the Defibulators, and host Jon Friedman. Get the lowdown here.
In other news, last night- because I hate sleep- I decided to set up a MySpace music page to host some of the incidental music I’ve recorded for some of my comedy videos, specifically the music that is my sad attempt at being the bastard son of Ennio Morricone who lives in a studio apartment and has not access to a full orchestra. I have named the “project” Conscience Point for the time being. If I find time, it would be fun to make a whole album of this stuff (not that anyone would want to listen to it, but still). Anyway, check it out here. Maybe you will enjoy it on some level or another.

In still other news, I (and when I say “I” I mean my friend Mike) am making all sorts of updates and improvements on my website. For example, I have added a shitload of new videos the video page that weren’t there before. And I am getting the blog in shape over there too, complete with the much-requested RSS feed button and whatnot. So take things for a test drive, kick the tires, give it the finger, whatever you need to do. The future is...n-now!

Dave Hill

Kicking Ice

Tonight my hockey team the King Williams played a game against the team with the tan jerseys that people are still talking about to this day. Before the game, I ate some fake Mexican food with a friend at a vegetarian restaurant where a lot of the customers had dreadlocks. I am not a vegetarian.

After I ate the fake Mexican food at the vegetarian restaurant, I got my hockey equipment and went to Lasker Rink in Central Park where our game was. I showed up, put on all my hockey equipment like it was weird not to be wearing it all the time, and then walked out to rink to totally play hockey.

When I got out to the rink, I looked at the players on the other team with an expression that asked “Who wants to get there asses handed to them?”

The players on the other team then looked back at me with a look that seemed to ask “Are you kidding?,” which is exactly the kind of look people tend to give when they don’t want their asses handed to them. But it was too late- I had already decided to hand their asses to them.

“You better put out your hands,” I said to them by looking back at them and not really saying anything out loud, “because you are going to need them to hold your asses when I hand them to you, which I something that is going to happen very soon.”

Then I went out on the ice and played hockey like only a guy who is 1/4 Canadian can. I didn’t score any goals but I would like to think that my general contribution to the game was positive.

I guess at this point you are totally wondering who won the game. We won the game 4-3. Also, one of the guys on my team, Sean Crespo, just got a new kitten named Mr. Cutiepants. I don’t know if Mr. Cutiepants can solve crimes but I sure hope so. No one would see it coming.

Dave Hill

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The David Lee Roth Soundboard

Maybe you've seen this before. If not, I apologize in advance for making you lose a big chunk of your day today to it. It's the David Lee Roth soundboard. It's pretty great for leaving David Lee Roth-centric voicemail messages to pretty much everyone and anyone. You're welcome.

In other news, Shepard Fairey, the artist who did the iconic Obama "Hope" posters and is also responsible for those ubiquitous Andre the Giant stickers and posters, was interviewed by Terry Gross on NPR's "Fresh Air" yesterday. Interesting stuff. Check it out here.

Hmmm, what else. It's cold outside. Everyone is talking about it. It is on all the blogs.

Dave Hill

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I was bummed to miss Election Day (though, yes, I did vote) because I was in London at the time, but I’m psyched to be in America on this exciting day. I’m watching the inauguration on TV right row and kind of kicking myself for not heading to DC for the whole thing. Then again, whoa- that’s a LOT of people. Imagine the lines for the port-a-johns. Still, it’s exciting to watch history on TV if not in person. Awesome.

Dave Hill

Wait, Wait- My Blog Is Staying Put...For Now

Okay, I admit it. I got a little over excited and announced my blog was moving (NOTE: I've since deleted that post to avoid further confusion. I think. Or maybe it's confusing to have deleted it and then add this post. I don't know really). And it is, but I've decided I still need to make a few tweaks before I can fully commit to that big move. So if you want to keep coming here for now until I make the big, final switch over to the new addres, which is here, you can keep coming this orginal recipe blog. Or if you want to keep going to the new address anyway, you can keep doing that because I will be doing updates in both places for the time being. I still want to make a few fonty/design/layout type changes over at the new blog, so until that's ready to go I will stick around over here. It's kind of like if you bought a new house and realized you really need to paint the living room before you can fully move in, so you keep the keys to the old place because it won't give you crazy dreams. Or something like that anyway. So yeah, you can go to the new blog now or you can wait until it's totally ready. Okay, that's all for now. I will type something completely unrelated to this a bit later today.

Dave Hill

Friday, January 16, 2009

Smiths/Speed Dating Night

Do you like the Smiths and/or Morrissey? Do you totally want to meet a special girl or guy? Well, if you answered yes to even one of those questions I just asked, then you should come to this new fun night I am hosting at the Black Rabbit Bar in Greenpoint called “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now: A Night of Smiths Music and Speed Dating.” I know, I know- it sounds almost too good to be true, but no, really, it’s totally happening for the first time on January 29th at 8pm. There will be speed dating and Smiths and Morrissey music from 8pm to around 9:30pm and then there will be Smiths and Morrissey music the rest of the night. There- I just broke it down for you. Holy shit! For more info on this whole thing, go to the official new MySpace page for everything I just talked about.

Dave Hill

Cinemax Christmas Videos Now Viewable in January

Hi there. It's not the holidays anymore, but I am hoping that won't stop you from enjoy these Christmas-type spots for the popular Cinemax channel. These videos have appeared on premium cable television- they have got to be good! I hope you enjoy them so much.

Dave Hill

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Audition Goes Bad

From my friend Jeff. Good stuff.

Dave Hill