Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tig Notaro And Friends TONIGHT w/Tig, David Cross, Eugene Mirman, Kevin Williams, and Me

Here is something to tell all the kids about. Tonight I am going to be on a show called "Tig Notaro and Friends" at a place called Heathers on East 13th Street between Avenues A and B here in the Big City at 8pm. Talk about good times- this is an example of that. As hinted at in the title, my close personal friend Tig Notaro, who is pictured above and was also on Comedy Central's Premium Blend once and pretty much won't shup up about it, has put together a delightful night of entertainment that features her, David Cross, Eugene Mirman, Kevin Williams, and, yes, me, Dave Hill. It is only five bucks. How about that? You should come. It will be fun. Also, I will kick you in the nuts if you don't come. Dammit.

Dave Hill

Friday, January 26, 2007

George W. Bush Impersonating Person

Remember how I was totally talking about how I went to scenic Las Vegas to cover a celebrity impersonator convention for the popular Current TV television network? No? Okay, well anyway here is another video from that time. This time around I am talking with a guy who impersonates the President of the United States of America. You can watch it here.

Dave Hill

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Here's a band I haven't listened to in a while but then was thinking about and started listening to again and then I was all like "Damn, this shit is really good. I should totally start listening to these guys more often." They are called Sleep and have been broken up for some time now. The guitarist, Matt Pike, now has the excellent rock band High On Fire and the bass player and drummer- Al Cisneros and Chris Haikus respectively- now have a band together called Om, which I haven't heard yet really except for a couple seconds on the Internet. Anyway, if you like to rock out, Sleep will do the trick for you. This is the video for "Dragonaut," the first song off their unstoppable and popular-with-guys-like-me "Holy Mountain." I hope you enjoy it so much.

Dave Hill

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Shit That's On The Internet

I forget if I mentioned this already, but a few months ago I traveled to scenic Las Vegas to attend a celebrity impersonator convention for Current TV, the popular television network. It was a fun and scary time for me and- I’m guessing- for a lot of other people in attendance. There were at least three Mike Myers impersonators, which is roughly three more than you might expect to run into in life. Anyway, here you can watch me interview a guy who looks so much like Mike Myers it kind of freaks me out. I hope you enjoy it so much. Dammit.

Speaking of the magic of the Internet and the possibility of watching stuff on it, a friend of mine sent the above video and I got quite the kick out of it. The guy who made it, Lasse Gjertsen, whom I assume to a foreigner based on his name and hair, did by editing a bunch of video together in a magical fashion. Good times. I am singling him out and commending him. Usually I’m all like “Fuck the Internet,” but not this time, dammit. Not this time.

Dave Hill

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Valley Lodge: TOMORROW at Mercury Lounge. Dammit.

Attention People Of New York City:

Hi. How are you? Super, I hope. Anyway, I was just writing to totally remind you about how my incredible rock band Valley Lodge will be rocking like a four-headed motherf&%ker TOMORROW night (Thurs., Jan. 18, dammit) at the Mercury Lounge (right over there on Houston Street, near all the shops) at the rock-sanctioned time of 10:30pm. We shall arrive on horseback, brandishing torches and drinking the blood of priests as the screams of the undead echo in the distance. Actually, now that I think about it, we will probably just rent a mini-van or something. But it shall be an awesome mini-van that will haunt your dreams. Anyway, I really hope you can make it. It is good to rock and one day we will all be dead and we will not be able to rock as much anymore. And then I shall see you in Hades and you will be all like I wish I had done more rocking in life and then I will be all like Well, I totally sent you that e-mail. Then I will ride off on the horse with the blood and the torch and stuff. It is easier to get that stuff in Hades. In fact, you kind of look like an a-hole if you do not have that stuff in Hades. Anyway, we can talk more about all this tomorrow at the rock show.

Dave Hill

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Dave Hill Explosion With Special Guests Martha Plimpton + Simon Scott TOMORROW, Thurs., Jan. 11 At The UCB Theatre. You Should Totally Show Up.

Attention People Of New York City:

This is your man Dave Hill writing to remind you one last time that TOMORROW night, Thursday, January 11 at 9:30pm I am going to hit you with a bit of the rough stuff by way of my definitely-worth-five-dollars and also reasonably popular nightclub act The Dave Hill Explsion. As hinted at several times throughout this e-mail document, this sh*t is going to go down at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (located right in the heart of the anything-goes Chelsea neighborhood here in town). Anyway, I have to type fast because there is all sorts of papier mache, baking, crying, crunches, hand-over-flame holding, Sade-listening, and other crap I have to do before this show is totally ready to charge you five bucks for. The important thing is that it is going to be incredible and there will also be candy. Also, I am going to have a couple really great guests with me on my incredible show. First, star of stage and screen Martha Plimpton- whom you might remember from such films as The Goonies, Parenthood, Pecker, I Shot Andy Warhol, 200 Cigarettes, Running On Empty and then a bunch of other movies besides those and also the popular play Coast Of Utopia, which is totally running right now at the Lincoln Center Theatre- will come out and I will totally sit and chat with her and whatnot and just have a really nice time in general. And then, just when you are like Holy sh*t I cannot believe I only paid five bucks for this, I am going to break out singer/songwriter Simon Scott on your asses. He is from England and has a crazy accent and everything. Half the time I cannot understand a word that crazy f%&ker says. It is so much fun every time he opens his mouth and says something in that crazy accent of his. Whatever! More importantly, however, is that his music is super great and other stuff. Motherf%$ker got a website and everything. So there. Anyway, I really hope you can make it tomorrow night. I promise if you do that afterwards you will be all glad you came and sh*t and probably want to come up to me and be all like Hey Dave I am so glad I came to your show. And then I will be all like Sh*t, motherf%$ker- I said that sh*t to you in the motherf#@king e-mail. But you and me- we are cool like that.

Dave Hill

Friday, January 05, 2007

David Rakoff Writes About Woody Allen For Several Days In A Row

Here is something you might enjoy. My close personal friend David Rakoff is watching 28 Woody Allen movies in 21 days and then totally writing about it on the Internet. You can check that shit out right here. Or don't- see what I care. And why don't you stop yelling?!

Dave Hill

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pope Michael And Me

A couple months ago I wrote about an exciting trip I took to Kansas to hang out with Pope Michael. Now you can watch the highlights from our exciting day together on Current TV. Click here to taste the magic.

Dave Hill

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Walt Mink

Here is a cool video my friend Chris sent from the forthcoming documentary he's making about one of my favorite band's ever, Walt Mink. A year or so ago, the band played a reunion show at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis and- by all accounts- rocked balls. I had the good fortune of seeing the band live a bunch of times way back in the '90's and they were truly inspiring. The singer and guitar player John Kimbrough is one of the best musicians I have ever seen, heard, or known. Now, in this crazy new century, we have become close buddies and- as those of you who perhaps know the inner workings of my life are well aware- play together in the rock band Valley Lodge. As an added bit of trivia, the drummer in this video is Zach Danziger, a world-class drummer and friend who was the third drummer for Walt Mink and is also the guy who played drums on the Valley Lodge album. He was also in a Ruffles potato chip commercial once but I won't get into that right now. Walt Mink's bass player, Candace Belanoff also rules as you can tell from watching this here video. She's also got a baby and shit. Anyway, my point is that Walt Mink rocked/rocks balls and I strongly urge you to seek out any and all of their recordings. It will make your ears happy and your life better in general.

Dave Hill

The Dave Hill Explosion: Thurs. Jan. 11 At UCB Theatre. Bring it, B*tch.

Attention People Of New York City:

The holidays- am I right? Tell me about it. Anyway, now that 2007 is off to such an incredible start, I have decided to make things even incredibler by bringing it to the people once again in the form of my generally pretty great in general one-man chat/variety-type kick in the nuts known to North Americans everywhere as The Dave Hill Explosion. This sh*t is going to go down on Thursday, January 11 at 9:30pm at the popular Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre right over there on 26th Street. As rumored in the Scandinavian press, this will be the first time I have exploded publicly since the month of October (2006! Ha! What did you say, Grandma?) and- naturally- a lot of people have been wondering what I have been doing during all the down time. Well, first of all, f*ckers, it has not exactly been down time. In addition to focusing on my upper body strength, team building skills, and overall boneability, I have also been really busy with a bunch of crap I cannot even get into right now so let us just stop it right there, okay? The important thing is I am back like a motherf*cker and I want nothing more in life than to hold you. Look- I know things have been really crazy between us lately. I get that. But if you think I am just going to throw everything we have away just because of a few bumps in the road, you got another thing coming. Oh sure, there are a lot of people out there who like to throw around fancy words like restraining order and sociopath and house arrest when talking about my feelings for you, but I am not exactly sure what any of that has to do with love. I guess what I am trying to say is that I would really like you to come to my show. You sit there in the front row, smile, and maybe even laugh a little bit (and if you need a beverage or something, you just let Dave know. The idea of you going thirsty sickens me). I come out on stage and talk and dance and sing and read and show movies I made in my spare time and even interview a really exciting guest or two (The guests will be announced later. Remember- you were the one who wanted to take things slow). Then maybe afterwards we go for a walk, talk things over a bit, and maybe even stop off for a drink or a cup of coffee or whatever. It does not matter. The important thing is that we will be together. And look- I know I might have said a lot of crazy things and maybe did a lot of crazy things and also maybe broke into your house a few times just to bask in the scent of your pillow, but love makes us do crazy things sometimes. You said it to the judge yourself. What really matters is that I have changed! Look, I know I cannot take back all the things I said or bring your dog back to life or unburn our house in Amagansett down or any of that crap, but dammit I am going to die trying! And if that makes all of our friends or the cops or whoever think I am crazy, then fine! I will be the first to admit it- I am crazy! Crazy. About. You. Is that so wrong? Oh, and you can get tickets to the show here, which is the last thing I wanted to say. That is it. I am done. You can write back if you want but you do not have to. If you do, great. And if you do not, I will just assume that you are okay and that you agree with everything I have to say here.

I love you,

Dave Hill